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When you apply to an apprenticeship program, it is not like applying for a regular job.  Apprenticeship is a pathway to a career.  The application and interview process takes time to complete, and the selection of new apprentices generally only takes place in the spring and summer months.  Because of the tremendous value of our training programs, we have many more applicants than we will have openings.  All applicants that meet the minimum requirements will be afforded an opportunity to interview, but only a small percentage will be selected into the program.  If you are determined to become a professional in the electrical industry, apprenticeship is an excellent pathway, but it does not come easy.  Be prepared to work to set yourself apart as a candidate, and possibly have to interview more than once before ranking high enough to be selected.  Anything worth having is worth working for, and this program is no exception. 

The career opportunities that await are worth the effort!

In order to apply, you must schedule a time by submitting the form on the Schedule to Apply page. This form will only be available two weeks prior to the application session.  Application sessions will only be scheduled on the 4th Wednesday of the month, from 9am to 6pm. Be sure to review the qualifications for apprenticeship before scheduling to know what documentation must be provided.


We do NOT discriminate against anyone (applicant or apprentice) for any reason with regards to race, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, age 18 or older, genetic information, or disability.


On the day of application you will need:


-Official High School Transcripts proving graduation or a GED with test scores (evidence of 1 full credit of Algebra)

-An updated resume 

-If you are a veteran, we will need a DD214

-A non refundable application fee of $25.  This MUST be check or money order made out to "OREJATC".  

-Valid Drivers License

                                                                    Application sessions are located at 138 N Lincoln Circle, Oak Ridge, Tennessee




  1. Schedule to Apply – Schedule for an application session using the "Schedule to Apply" page--remember, this page will only be available 2 weeks prior to the application session (4th Wednesday of each month).

  2. Submit a Completed Application and Supporting Documentation – In order to qualify for an interview, you must submit a completed application along with all required documentation.  

  3. Sit for the Electrical Industry Aptitude Test – This test measures your math and reading comprehension ability.  Each program has a minimum score that must be achieved in order to qualify for an interview.  Click HERE to find out more about the Electrical Industry Aptitude Test, and what you can do to prepare.

  4. Appear for an Interview – Interviews will be scheduled as needed. You must have a score of 4 or higher on the aptitude test to qualify for an interview.  All applicants who interview will receive a score from the interview committee, and will be placed on the ranked list of applicants eligible to be selected, according to their score.  As apprenticeship opportunities arise, offers for an apprenticeship will be made in the order of applicant scores, starting with the highest scoring applicant on the ranked list and working down until all available spots have been filled.  Click here to read our Policy Statement.  

Selected applicants must be willing to submit to drug screening and must know that they are subject to drug screens required by their employer and/or this program. Failing a drug screen will cause the applicants name to be dropped from the list of ranked applicants.

Failing a drug screen, as an apprentice, will result in the apprentice being terminated from the program.

NOTE: Some job sites require security clearance and others will require background checks for clearance to work on specific job sites.

Cost for Apprenticeship

Be aware that as an apprentice one earns a paycheck when employment is available.

Work has been relatively steady in this program but periods of unemployment

are always possible in the construction industry.

The total cost to the five year Apprentice program is summarized below:

   1.      $25 application fee.
   2.      $272.00 for hand tools, pending training assignment
   3.      $600.00 toward books and tuition for each year
   4.      $125 for the online Math Course


One is also responsible for keeping their union dues paid which is approximately $43.00 per month.
Working assessments are the only cost deducted from wages which amounts to only 5.5%.
For the $600 tuition cost, an apprentice is provided all texts and study materials and has their college tuition paid. Every apprentice in this program is registered with Pellissippi State Community College where they will receive 45 semester hours of college credit upon completion of apprenticeship. The apprentice actually earns 9 semester hours of college credit per year.

Total: Less than $3500.00 spread over five years.

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